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          Escape to the Ocean Fragrances

Ocean Laguna Escape to the Ocean Fragrances


Ocean Laguna Sunrise Fragrance


Fresh juicy Sunrise Body Mist captures the spirit of the sunrise. A bright clean blend of sun-kissed citrus and salt air. A mixture of fresh orange oil, juicy tangerine, tangy grapefruit, lemon zest, and crisp lime sprinkled with a trace of sea salt accord. An energizing way to start your day or freshen up any time! 

* Keep one in your gym bag ~ Stay sparkly fresh. 


Ocean Laguna Surf Fragrance


 Captures the true essence of the ocean. Imagine clear blue water with a warm offshore spray. Fresh salt air, citrus, sea grass, driftwood, and sandalwood notes. Take the essence of the ocean with you wherever you go.

 Keep one in your car ~ Spirit lifting.  


Ocean Laguna Sand Fragrance


Transports you to a warm sun-drenched beach. Fresh comforting scent that takes you back to a sunny day at the beach. A combination of warm coconut and delicious vanilla. Soft and sultry evoking memories of the sensuality of warm sandy skin.

  * Keep one in your desk ~ Comforting and calming.



Ocean Laguna Sky Fragrance


Invigorating, uplifting and sparkling. A glittering blend of fresh green spearmint and dynamic peppermint, combined with notes of vibrant lime. SKY captures the atmosphere of a bright joyful day at the beach. Like a breath of fresh air.

* Keep one in the refrigerator ~ Extra cool refreshment.



Ocean Laguna Sunset Fragrance


Flirty, and feminine. A captivating combination of intoxicating tuberose and luminous jasmine with a delicate touch of elegant gardenia. As the sky turns pink and the air cools down, a heavenly tropical breeze is lifted along the coast. 

* Spray on your pillow ~ Relaxing and romantic.


Ocean Laguna Starlight Fragrance


A romantic walk on the beach under a starlit sky ~ as the air is filled with fragrant white tropical flowers and a trace of elegant plumeria. Imagine shimmering stars, sparkling water, and soft lush flowers glowing in the radiant starlight.  

 Spray on your hairbrush ~ For luscious locks.