Escape with Ocean Laguna

Ocean Laguna Sunrise Body Mist Posted on 7 Jan 11:37

Ocean Laguna SUNRISE is the essence of the sunrise in a bottle. 🧡🌊☀️
Fresh juicy SUNRISE Body Mist is a clean, energizing blend of bright, sun-kissed citrus and salt air 💦🍊🍋🍃💦 Made in Laguna Beach California 

Ocean Laguna ~ The Spirit of the SUNRISE Posted on 23 Oct 14:43

The Spirit of the Sunrise in a bottle
 Fresh, clean sun-kissed citrus and salt air. 


Day At The Beach ~ from SUNRISE to SUNSET Posted on 8 Oct 20:09

Take the DAY AT THE BEACH  with you wherever you go with Ocean Laguna's

Day At The Beach Fragrance Gift Set.


Escape to the Ocean ~ Sights, Sounds, and Scents Posted on 20 Jul 12:27

Aaah ~ Transport yourself to the beach instantly with the sights, sounds, and scents...